The Mr. Bean...

The Mr. Bean...

S01E04 - Mr. Bean Goes to Town

21.3. 15:45
JOJ Plus
30 minutes
Velká Británie Comedy / Family

Čtvrtá epizoda obsahuje čtyři mikropovídky: „Pan Bean instaluje televizi,“ „Pan Bean fotografem,“ „Pan Bean přichází o botu,“ a „Pan Bean v nočním podniku.“(sator)

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Velká Británie Comedy / Family

Bean is Back! Mr Bean is back for a second series of his animated adventures. Starring in 52 brand new episodes Mr Bean creates his own electricity wins a cruise inadvertently becomes a teacher makes his own horror movie is hypnotised wins a wrestling match and finds himself in many other hilarious escapades. This series follows Mr Bean his best friend Teddy and his long-suffering landlady Mrs Wicket as we witness more of the mishaps that surround Mr Bean’s daily life.


Paul Weiland, John Birkin


Rowan Atkinson, Robin Driscoll, Matilda Ziegler, Howard Goodall